This recipe turned out soooo good.  It is based on my tomato, bacon, mushroom pasta – and I thought why not make this with SCD whip cream and seafood???
Check my previous post, My Family's Favorite Pie to link onto Karen's site and  get the recipe for SCD Whip Cream.
Plus I have recently began using  a new ingredient - Anchovie paste.  The chefs are can't actually taste it....but it does give another depth of flavor to your food!
Alfredo sauce is pretty basic pasta sauce with the ability to change up some of the ingredients.  So here we have it:
1 package 340 gram. of frozen shrimp and scallops (defrost till thawed in the fridge)
2 Tblsp. butter
1 package Tinkyada white spaghetti pasta
4 strips of bacon, chopped and cooked crisp
5 sliced cramini mushrooms
4 cloves of minced garlic
2 tblsp. Anchovie paste
Pepper to taste
¾ cup chicken stock
1 ½ cups SCD whip cream
Parmesan cheese
Asiago  cheese
Heat a pan on medium heat, and brown the bacon.  Once browned, remove to a  paper towel to drain excess grease.  Drain off some of the bacon drippings from the pan.  Add the sliced mushrooms, anchovie paste and stir, until the mushrooms are browned.  Then add the garlic, stirring until fragrant.  Add the chicken stock, mixing well then reduce to half.  Meanwhile prepare the pasta as per the directions.  Heat a frying pan on medium heat, melt in 2 Tblsp. Butter, and sauté the seafood till cooked – 3 – 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and set aside.
Once stock has reduced, add in the cream, and about 1 cup of Parmesan cheese.  Mix well,  it should thicken somewhat – keep on a low simmer.  Add pepper to taste (mine did not need any salt) and toss in the cooked pasta turning to coat.
Top with the seafood, bacon bits and grated Asiago cheese.  Your hips may not thank you, but your tummy will be happy!

Ina Gawne
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