We had the most beautiful Free Range/Antibiotic/Hormone/Free Sirloin Steaks the other night.  See that one daughter and I shared it which was plenty....and guess what it cost? $7.00.  That is $3.50 each!  Believe me it was enough meat!  DH was away on business, so we did not fire up the BBQ, (I am still a chicken about propane).  Then we  had it with fresh veggies from the farmers market and some from my garden:  spinach, lettuce, radishes, baby beet greens, and chive flowers :

Plus, I had baked a couple of new potatoes. so....divine.  Next time I will remember to weigh the steaks, but let me tell you, for me, this was a lot.  Now, we also had my kinda, sorta,  Caesar Salad dressing to go with the lovely salad, and by the time we were finished dinner, we were stuffed!  So, doing a guess here, but maybe  $10-12.00 for dinner for 2 people, you can't beat that.

Mushroom Dijon Caper Sauce:
1 Tblsp. capers, rinsed
1 large shallot, sliced
Salt and Pepper
Fresh thyme, 2 stalks
8-10 organic crimini mushrooms
balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup of beef stock
olive oil
1 rounded tsp. Dijon Mustard

Once the steak is cooked through, transfer to a plate to rest.  Turn the heat to medium, adding in a drizzle of olive oil and a knob of butter.  Add the mushrooms, sauteing till golden, then add the fresh thyme and sliced shallot - sauteing till slightly golden.  Add in the capers, and a few splashes of Balsamic Vinegar, and beef stock stirring to combine.  Turn down to a simmer, and simmer a few more minutes.  Turn off the heat and add in another knob of butter, stirring to thicken and turn glossy.  Remove the Thyme stem, adjust seasonings - salt and pepper to taste, and pour over the steak.  We will definitely be having this dinner again!

Ina Gawne

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