Not a great picture, I was having trouble with the lighting and the camera flash.  However, my sprouted seeds did indeed Sprout!  I discovered there was a lot of conflicting information when it comes to sprouting seeds, so with this post, I will tell you what I did, in my fist attempt at sprouting, and truly, this was an experiment.
What I did discover, is next time instead of using 3 Tblsp. of mixed seeds to a quart sized jar, I will try two.  The jar was jammed full! You can check this post to see the first stages of sprouting.
So to recap:
Add seeds to a quart sized jar, fill with water and swirl, then drain through the cheesecloth, which is secured with an elastic band around the mouth of the jar.  Refill the jar half way and soak 12 hours.
After 12 hours, drain and refill half way with water, swirl again, then drain, and put the jar on a 30 degree angle in a bowl to continue draining.  I would empty the bowl, once water had accumulated in the bottom.  I did this three times a day.  On day two, the sprouts began their humble beginnings:
Here is where I wondered at how many days one should sprout seeds.  In my research, some information said 6 days, some said 10, depending on the seeds.  I had a mix of Alfalfa, Fennugreek, Mustard, and Red Clover.  I started the process on a Friday, then removed the sprouts to a colander on the following Saturday:
Then I rinsed the sprouts, in the sink allowing most of the excess seed tops to drain out.  You won't be able to get them all out, but there will be quite a few.  I rinsed, moving the sprouts around the colander, in a sink full of water, about 3-4 times.  Then I placed the sprouts in a salad spinner to get out most of the excess water.
The proof was in the taste.  I was not sure what to expect, but these sprouts were surprisingly delicious!  Crispy, and super fresh tasting.

At this point I lined a Tupperware container with paper towel, added the sprouts, covered with a lid to keep in the refrigerator.
From the research I have done, the sprouts should keep 5-7 days - a great way to add wholesome fresh goodness for sandwiches and salads.  If anyone has other information on sprouting, would you like to share?
Roast beef, Cheddar, Dijon, Mayo, Sprouts, on Gluten Free Bread, Dill Pickles on the side - any takers?  It was yum!

Ina Gawne

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November 15, 2010