See this ohhh soooo lovely photograph of deliciousness?  This photo was taken with this:

Yes...DH brought home a new camera - what an awesome present!  It has all kinds of fancy options...I have not even used the camera yet.  He kindly took all the photos for this post.  I am in a huge learning curve at the moment with the start up of a new business and many other things:
1 - Learning to use a new Android Phone - brutal!
2 - Learning to Text Message - not by choice let me tell you - I do not like it one bit, nope not one bit.
3 - Excel Accounting Program
4 - Business meetings - setting up new protocols for my business and meeting new people.
Yes life has been hectic, and somewhat stressful.  I seem to have this expectation of myself to learn something super fast....and if I do not....I am not a happy girl.  Patience....taking one baby step at a time is what is being called for.  Once I have all of the above under my belt, then it will be time for camera instruction.  It sure is a good thing DH has so much patience with me.  Maybe he can teach me patience too??
In the meantime, this was one tasty dinner.  Once again I added Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese to this meal.  It lends a very creamy smooth texture and flavor to any cooked meal - so good!  By all means, it is optional, the Sweet Chili Basil Chicken will still be yummy if you do not have Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese.
2 Tblsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3-4 chicken thighs, skin on bone in
salt and pepper
1/4 of a large red onion, sliced and then cut in half
1 small red pepper, sliced
3 minced garlic cloves
1 large tomato, diced
1 heaping Tblsp. tomato paste
2 big Tblsps. Chili with Sweet Basil sauce or more if you like it spicy
2/3 cup chicken stock
a big handful on minced fresh basil
1 heaping Tblsp. Vegan Cream Cheese (optional)
Heat up a saute pan on medium high heat with the EVOO.  Season the chicken with salt and pepper, and fry until golden - about 5 minutes per side.
Drain off some of the extra renderings from the pan, turn down the heat to low medium and add in the onion, red pepper, and season with salt and pepper.  Saute about 5 minutes, then add in the garlic, tomatoes.
Then add in the tomato paste, chicken stock, and Chili with Sweet Basil stirring to incorporate.  Return the chicken to the pan cover with a lid slightly cracked, and turn the heat to low, simmering for another 30-40 minutes. Check for seasonings, and add in the Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese (if using), and the minced basil stirring well.
Now we are ready to plate....enjoy!

Ina Gawne


  1. Congrats on your new camera toy! Lucky you, I say! A grand present too! Enjoy it thoroughly! 😉
    Your chicken dish makes my mouth water: totally! 🙂 MMMMM! Have a great & relaxing weekend!

  2. I am always on a steep learning curve especially with technology. After two year I still can't figure out how to listen to voice mail on my iphone. The chicken looks fab!

  3. Wow! It is certainly a great gift... but I have the 'new technology' flu too. But, I also have great faith in you - and in your DH's patience... he wouldn't give you something you couldn't handle 🙂
    I'd love to hear more about your new business, and how it's all going?????????
    I am going to HAVE to try that cashew cream cheese. I have the cashews in the fridge, but we're having the kitchen floor and benches replaced this week, so I'm banned from the kitchen 🙂 XO

    1. Thanks Janet! Thinking of doing a post on the "business" when I get a chance. It has been crazy busy!
      The cashew cream cheese is so yummy.
      Since you are banned from the kitchen does that mean you will have delicious catered food of your choice? Wouldn't it be great to have a personal chef once in a while? I would be in heaven! 🙂

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September 21, 2012