As previously mentioned ……  (this is a bit of a recap)  I have not eaten or cooked beef of any kind in close to 14 –15 years.   Way back in the day, I used to cook the traditional Roast Beef dinners on Sunday, as well as using hamburger meat in a variety of ways.  Over time, and with the discovery of Celiac Disease, I found that my body rebelled,…. I just could not easily digest beef in any form, so I stopped cooking and eating it.
I have been wondering about this intense..., unusual craving for beef.  It is so strange!   Since first trying beef with the steak dinner we had on our “Getaway”….we have now been having beef about once every 7-10  days, and I LOVE IT!
Did it take my body longer to heal, after years of misdiagnosed Celiac Disease?   Maybe.  Was it, that at 52, my menopausal organs and glands were screaming for the protein, vitamins and iron found in Beef?  Maybe.  Was it that, eating Hormone Free Beef paved the way???? Maybe.   I say YES to all three!  And… Yeahhhhhhhhhhh for Beef….oh how I have  missed you!  My husband still can’t quite believe we are back to eating beef.  He likes it…..but I literally devour each meal we have had!  He looks at me in disbelief!
We did the grocery shopping in the morning....by lunch time I knew we would be eating Beef!  Can't quite believe we actually had this for lunch!.....
For the tenderized round steak, I just seasoned with pepper, and garlic powder - cooked on medium high heat with some butter in the pan.  About 3-4  minutes per side.  Then added in some sliced mushrooms to brown, 1 cup of beef stock, 2/3 a cup of white wine, scraping up any brown bits, and made a cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce.   We had this with baby steamed potatoes and steamed carrots with french green beans.   I sit here having finished this meal, and I still want more!!   Then the realization,  Dang!   There was fresh Thyme in the fridge that would have been lovely in this gravy!  Oh well,  next time and meanwhile ....more Beef Recipes on the way!

Ina Gawne


  1. Hello,
    I was reading your blog and found it interesting that another
    celiac suddenly couldn't eat meat. After 13 years on a strict gluten free diet, I found I was suddenly unable to eat meat. Each time I tried, my GI tract rebelled. At 18 months of not eating meat, fish or poultry, I was craving beef and pork so I tried it. I was able to tolerate it. My small bowel must have needed to heal on yet another level.

    1. Hi Candi. Yes that is exactly what happened to me. It took a total of 3 years for my guts to heal - a long and slow process. Now this many years later it is much much better. However, there are still a few foods that are difficult for me - corn being one of them. What I discovered, when re-introducing a food back into your diet, go slow, don't overwhelm your system. It sure was nice to be able to eat meat again I must say! 🙂

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April 14, 2010