(Can not believe we forgot our camera!  This picture was taken with my cell phone, and so does not do justice to this most amazing meal)
I have wanted to do this post for some time now, and realize I have been stalling on this one.  Why? First, I am not a writer and second, I know I am doing a gluten free food/garden blog, but, I am also a privacy freak!   So here is the scoop: for the past year now my husband and I have been frequenting a most wonderful restaurant down the street from where we live.  I can’t keep this to myself, it is just too good, so have to share!  We live in a small coastal community outside of Victoria, British Columbia, called Sooke.  We are right on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.
You may have heard of Sooke, B.C. because of the World Renowned Resort:  The Sooke Harbour House.  Well, the chef at the Sooke Harbour House who has worked there for a number of years, and is well known in the Chef’s Food World, has opened his own Restaurant called The EdGe.  Ohhh, yes he did, bless his heart.  Chef Edward is an acclaimed chef, I could eat his food 24-7!  He has a small, casual restaurant right on the main strip of Sooke Road, can’t be missed.  We only have 3 traffic lights in Sooke, the restaurant is just before the 3rd traffic light on the right hand side on Sooke Road.
Every meal we have had there has been unbelievably delicious.  And better than that….if there is a better than that….as a Celiac… worries…..there's always one or two meals, if not more that are Gluten Free.  And even better than that, no worries about cross contamination!  Yeaahhhh!
Here's the really good part, the Food, the Food, the Food!  With each meal we have had, we experience the most exquisite blend of flavors, seasonings, texture, aromas  that are true deliciousness.  This kind of cooking is an art, in the same way that a musician creates beautiful music, Chef Edward, creates delicious, beautiful food.
Now….for an embarrassing moment. (I might just go hide under a rock for a month or two) I had been called into work last minute, and with a full day scheduled I did not have time to pack a proper lunch, an apple, a few crackers with cheese, that was it.  Once my work day was over, I was totally starving.   We headed to The EdGe,  I ordered the grilled pork chop, with smashed potatoes and cumin creamed corn, this came with steamed broccoli, carrots, and celery.   Wow, was this ever good.  Okay, so I had an unconscious moment…. Tired, low blood sugar, excuses I know, but what can I say?  I was happily gnawing on the now bare pork chop bone, and running my finger around the plate to scoop up the extra goodness,  when I realized my husband was staring at me – mouth agape and then I felt something to my right, the waitress was in the other corner, grinning.  Oh yes, grinning.  I tried to muster as much dignity as I could, and then proceeded to remove the now bare pork chop bone from my mouth, and quietly placed it back on to the plate.  Sooo embarrassing --- but, dang it was delicious!
A month later, another most wonderful meal. I had the Braised Beef Short Ribs in a Tomato Smoked Paprika Sauce, with smashed potatoes, fresh broccoli and carrots.  Again, the blend of flavors, smokiness of the Paprika, sweetness of the tomato sauce, it was perfect.  My DH had the Crispy Tuna with Soya and horseradish sauces and green lentils, such an elegant blend of flavors.
If I could ask one question of Chef Edward, it is: What about Gluten Free Pasta?  A commercial brand like Tinkyada or better yet,  how about creating your own? Up for a challenge? Ok, that was two questions.
If you ever get  the incredible gift of coming to the beautiful West Coast and Sooke BC, give yourself an even greater gift: eat  at the EdGe Restaurant. Chef Edward’s creations are outstanding, you will not be disappointed, I am sure you will be as delighted as we are!

Ina Gawne
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June 9, 2010