This pot of fresh Atlantic Lobster looks divine, does it not?  Sigh....wish this was sitting on top of my stove getting ready to be a meal.  Sadly, it is not.
My dear Dtr. and her boyfriend are back East in Halifax Nova Scotia visiting his family.  And yes, they are about to sit down and eat these fresh 2 lb. lobsters for dinner.  Mercy....I want me some lobster bad!  She sent me these photos she took with her cell phone.  Trying not to cry here.....
They purchased 6 fresh 2 lb. Lobsters for $55.00 - roughly $8-$9.00 a lb.  Here on the West Coast - (Pacific Ocean), we pay $35.00 for one, yes, one 2 lb. Lobster - which are flown in over ice.

Why is it, we always want what we do not have?  Dang....I still want me some Lobster!  Maybe I can entice my DH into taking me to a very expensive seafood restaurant downtown....pray for me? (DH does not eat shell fish of any kind - I have to convince him that Seafood restaurants do in fact serve steak and chicken too!)
I soooo want to dive in!

Ina Gawne

12 comments on “THE HEAVENLY LOBSTER”

    1. Erin - every time I look at that picture, my mouth waters! Gotta get working on my DH about that Seafood Restaurant!

    1. Janet - she was even laughing when she called me. But guess what? She is missing out on a big dinner this weekend with Creme Brulee for dessert!

  1. Sounds like a trip to lobster land should be planned. Or maybe you could present that local seafood restaurant as a much cheaper alternative option to your DH. 😉 I prefer crab over lobster, but that lobster does look really good and I love those prices!

  2. I've been trying to cook lobster but I simply can't even if it's not alive, I just go and buy lobster tail and now I wish I also had lobster for dinner

  3. I love fresh lobster's dishes a lot but never cooked them or prepared them at home 🙁
    I eat them occasionally in a fine restuarnt! 🙂

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May 4, 2012