The second batch of Ice Cream I made - was to convert Cuisinart's Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe to Vanilla Bean Coconut Ice Cream.  This time - it was excellent!

2  400 ml. cans of Organic Coconut Milk (for some reason these cans had the most coconut cream I have ever seen)
3/4 cup fructose sugar
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 vanilla pod, split in half - seeds scraped out
Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl, until the sugar is dissolved.  About 2 minutes.  Pour into the ice cream maker - let spin about 25 minutes.

Transfer to another air tight container and freeze.  I really noticed a difference between using Agave Nectar and Fructose Sugar....the sugar was definitely better and somehow, the Agave left an aftertaste....maybe just a personal preference?   I love Agave...but sometimes I wonder if it does better in baked recipes rather than in Ice Cream.  Do any of you have a good dairy free, sugar free ice cream recipes you would like to share?

Ina Gawne

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