We had the most lovely three days on Salt Spring Island - good food, beautiful weather, great music, and it was wonderful to see some of our friends we have not seen since last year.   The ferry ride from Swartz Bay in Victoria B.C. is about 35 minutes to Salt Spring Island.
Once we arrived at our resort destination, we had a lovely rustic cabin on the lakefront of St. Mary's Lake.
Forget Me Not Cabin.  Sweet, cozy, and an amazing view:
We always stop at the market to buy fresh produce, fish, meat, etc. as I prefer to cook myself.  Well, we decided to have Coho Salmon the first night as I had packed some fresh Pesto.  Then I realized, there is no oven - just a two burner stove, with the fridge underneath:
There was a communal BBQ...(I am super fussy- especially because as being a Celiac, I can not risk gluten contaminaton) so, not gonna go there!  Meanwhile, how to cook the salmon?  Time to think outside of the box.  There was a frying pan, with no lid, and of course, I did not bring any tinfoil.  Onto poached salmon....something I have never made before.  I wanted to season the poaching water - so I used lemon, onion, rosemary, salt and pepper - pretty much all I had on hand.
Once the fish was placed in the simmering seasoned water...what was I going to use for a lid?  This stainless steel bowl did the job beautifully:
Then about 7 minutes later we had lovely poached salmon with pesto, and fresh garden vegetables:
This is the second time we have stayed at this lovely cottage - next time I will bring my own knives, frying pan with lid, plastic wrap, and some tupperware.  All the food we cooked still turned out great - it pays to think outside of the box when cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen!
Then after dinner, we took a walk in the pretty forested pathways:
It was such a lovely night - I miss it already!
More food and getaway pictures to come......

Ina Gawne

10 comments on “WEEKEND GETAWAY”

  1. Wow! It's beautiful Miss Longlegs!!!
    It's fun sometimes to cook outside your comfort zone isn't it? I made a chicken meal when on holiday in Rarotonga, that really wowed Rick - because it was so good, and made out of nothing really 🙂 - made me feel good.
    Covering the pan with the bowl was a master-stroke. 🙂

  2. Oh, how wonderful on the getaway, cottage, and of course, your creativity with the poached salmon--yum! I look forward to the rest of the photos. 🙂

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July 25, 2011