Yesterday was Earth Day, April 22, 2010.  People,…I am not political….hell, I barely know how to do a blog….I’m a 52 year old woman with a voice,…a conscience…a story……and a question.  Do I have the answers….sadly, no.  My kids are grown, I work part time (wish it was more…but with the economy, what can I say?) I grow organic vegetables, flowers, live with a wonderful husband, 4 cats and a dog.  Do I have answers?  No, I do not.  But a story…..I will share.  I do not understand the whys, where to’s, how come’s, what is this about? I only want to share…..

About 10 years ago….could be longer, I began dreaming about whales.  Every kind of whale….humpbacks, greys, blues – lots of blues, killer whales and the white, Baluga whales.  Pretty much, the dreams were the same….somehow, I was able to swim under water with them, breathing.  I saw their lives, how they lived, how they thrived, how they communicated.  Any conscious thought through them, I guess was telepathic. They live and love in joy.  They sing, they dance, they pro-create, and for the most part live in harmony with the oceans.

Then about 6 years ago….I had a different dream.  In the dream, I had be-friended some blue whales.  These whales I had seen for a couple of years, so was very familiar with them.  I recognized them instantly.  They came close to the shore where I was, running out onto a dock they greeted me.  Then one by one, mama, papa, adolescent…..where was the baby? Where was the baby? I questioned?  I was told the baby had died…..I was so saddened.  (my crying in my sleep actually woke me up).  They said it was time for them to leave this place….they could no longer survive in our world.  I asked them where will you go?  They said there is a safe haven for their species….but that they were immensely saddened to leave, as the human race was one they particularly loved.  In that moment, they raised themselves up out of the waters, only their tails remained slightly in the water. 

Then, they changed, into the colours of the rainbow….but way brighter, brighter than any colour or light I have ever seen…they said they love the earth, it’s humanity……and were gone. I have never forgotten that dream….to this day I feel hopeful and saddened in one breath.

After that dream…. I did not dream about whales for a number of years. I do not know why.   And then, I had a dream the other night…..I wish it was a good one….it is not.  I realize, I have had this dream 3 times now in 2 weeks.  It is the same.  The whales….all of them, every kind, are screaming.  They scream and cry, rolling over and over in the deep oceans.  I ask….what can I do? I cannot hear what they say for the only sound there is, is their screaming.

This week….on our news, 5 gray whales have arrived on the shores of the West Coast Pueget Sound, and our B.C. West Coast.  One whale, has been autopsied….it’s stomach was filled with debris….especially plastic.  The scientists are saying, they do not know if it is lack of food, and not enough fat on the whale to make the migration to Mexico and back.  What?  With a stomach filled with garbage and plastic….hello??

People, I do not have an answer.  But I do have a question:  Can we not take greater care to recycle, reduce our garbage, lessen pollution?  Check out JAMIE’S FOOD REVOLUTION to learn how to cook simple, healthy meals at home instead of having take-out with plastic containers, re-use clothing, stop using plastic bags from the grocery store - bring your own, household items you no longer need,- give to someone who might need it, compost, conserve energy, ride bikes whenever possible, turn off lights, turn down the heat, unplug unused lights, or other fixtures when not in use.  Will this not help?

Oprah did an Earth Day Show …April 22, 2010.  People watch the Academy Awarded Documentary….The Cove….Unbelievable. The only word I have is Unbelievable.  Will this help us change?  I pray to God it does.  Let us save our precious Earth…for our children and grandchildren that will follow in our footsteps.  If each of us does one thing….one thing to lessen pollution and garbage waste, think of the magnitude in benefits this will create on a global level.  It could be huge,….. it is a beginning.

Ina Gawne


  1. There is a river of plastic debris crossing the Pacific ocean. It can actually be seen from the air. If your whales were anywhere near it....

    1. Hi Katie - I heard about that...saw it on Oprah, unbelievable, but that is probably where the whales travel in their migration. I hope things change, Ina

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