Holy Mama!  Am I excited?  Ohhhh Yeahhhh!  This recipe is seriously delicious. The best whole grain gluten free muffin I have ever tasted. And, this is the very first recipe I have ever made using weight by grams instead of measured cups.  This recipe belongs to Shauna, of THE GLUTEN FREE GIRL AND THE CHEF.  For this most amazing recipe please check her post here.  Everything Shauna writes about ratio's, baking in grams, and the beauty of a kitchen scale is soooo dead on.  Same with her discovery in not needing to use Xanthan Gum or Guar Gum.  This sooo works, and the best part, the texture..ohhh the texture.  Light, fluffy, perfection, with out the stickiness of Xanthan or Guar Gum.  Seriously, after using a scale, I may never go back.
I do not have a fancy scale.  I have an old school Kitchen Queen Scale - check this out - it is old school! (p.s.I already posted this picture in the summer, but here it is again)
Although this old school scale was a bit more time intensive - it worked!  I do think down the road I will invest in a digital scale to save time.
Shauna's ratio of flours are perfect - 70% whole grain, 30% starch.  The combination of flours I used was Brown Rice, Sorghum, (equal amounts) and a little less amount of Millet, for a total of 700 grams.  For the Starches I used mostly Tapioca, with a little Potato Starch to equal a total of 300 grams.  Then I followed Shauna's recipe, but used Soy Milk with Apple Cider Vinegar, chopped dates and walnuts.  Wow, these muffins are divine!
I can't wait to try more recipes with this Whole Grain Flour Mix, and to continue using a scale.  I can not say enough about the difference ....it was huge.  Thank you Shauna for this great recipe.

Ina Gawne
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    1. Leona - I have not used Guar gum before, although I understand it can work beautifully in Gluten Free Baked goods. I must give it a try!

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January 19, 2011