We got back to the Farmer's Market, twice in one week - to stock up.  So happy we did, as it was their last day for the season, and once again they are predicting snow overnight and tomorrow. Actually, right now it is howling wind outside and cold! (we did have a sprinkling of snow the following morning, now long gone but still really cold) Fortunately there is quite a stock pile of food in the refrigerator:
3 large bags of carrots
3 large bags of beets
2 bags of parsnips
3 rutabagas
2 bags of leeks
Plus we bought extra Free Range Chicken, Beef - lean ground beef, beef stew, and a couple of roasts. As well, I had bought extra gluten free flours the previous week, and I made sure to stock up the pantry.
Now back to the snow. Where we live, if it snows it truly is an event.  Growing up on the West Coast, on an Island, as a child I seldom remember a winter with snow.  If it did snow, all the kids were extremely happy, at least for a few hours, as generally the snow melts fairly quickly and is gone before you know it.  Now having said that, in the past 10 years, our weather patterns are most certainly changing.  Back in 1996, our city gave away all of our snow removal equipment to another city up Island as they generally get snow each year and could use the equipment far more than our city could.  Wouldn't you know, that year we had record snow fall - 5 feet!  And it stayed for 10 days!  Apparently it had been 100 years since our fair city had snow like that.
We were house bound, and we needed to do the grocery shopping.  Luckily, we were able to shovel out the driveway to get our vehicle out and do the shopping before the snow got any worse.  And worse it did get.  I can remember my son at the age of 11, building tunnels in the snow from one end of the yard to the other. It is a picture I will always remember. All of our kids had so much fun that winter, tobogganing, building forts, making snowmen.  The other thing that really stands out in my memory is seeing the snow plow go down the street.  We were on a little cul de sac with 4 houses.  He never came our way.  By day 5 we were barricaded, there was a 6 foot wall at the end of the cul de sac, and no way to get out, thank goodness we now had a fridge and pantry full of food.  (by day 8 the man driving the snow plough finally saw our 6 foot wall, and cleared the way, hallelujah!) The other memory was that my younger sister called.  She lived in town, on a street that was actually a very steep hill.  As we were talking, she interrupted the conversation to say she had just seen a fellow skiing down the road!  It certainly was a winter to remember.
The one difference with this snow forecast, is it is only November.  Normally if we do get snow, it usually happens in January or February.  This year winter has come early, and it does feel unusually cold for this time of year. So now if ever there is a forecast of snow, I do my best to be be prepared ahead of time.  People who live on the East Coast laugh at us West Coasters because we do not know how to cope well with snow, and we certainly do not know how to drive in the snow.  Well, I sure won't be out their driving, what we will do is get the fire going, have a big pot of hot soup on the stove, and hunker down with a good book if the snow does come.
This is what happens in our house when you have spent part of the day reading, part of the day in the kitchen, then finally want to hunker down with your book to read and enjoy a nice glass of Cabernet.  Clearly, our Miss Lily is trying to make a point!
The other fun thing is taking our dog Tara for a walk in the snow.  She is no more used to snow than we are.  She does seem to love it though, she actually ploughs through the snow with her face buried as if she were trying to swim!
What are some of your favorite memories of winter and snowy weather?

Ina Gawne
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  1. I can't imagine being stuck in the house for 8 days Ina, that would make me crazy. I live where there is lots of snow, and we have only ever been snowed in 3 days in 11 years, and never for more than 24 hours. The worst was on Christmas Day 2008, luckily we had neighbors over, exchanged gifts and had a nice potluck with all the dishes people were planning on taking to their families. We are just getting our first real storm of the season tonight, 10-20 inches in the forecast between Sat and Tuesday.

    1. We did get a bit stir crazy being snowed in, but for the most part we did have fun! Plus it is such a rare event in our neck of the woods, it made it all the more exciting! I love the snow, just so long as I don't have to drive in it, then I'm a happy girl!

  2. I love your kitty!!!! And your veggies. Root vegetables are not big here. I can get regular white turnips but we both love rutabagas and they are really hard to find. Amazing what we consider a treat these days. Parsnips I've never seen.
    As to the snow.... had enough of that when we lived in Minnesota!

    1. Thanks Katie! Oh I would sorely miss my root veggies each winter. It has been lightly snowing all morning, and it is starting to stick! Glad we are nice and toasty inside.

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November 20, 2010