Can you tell its Strawberry season here?  We have been eating fresh local Strawberries every which way!  And as for this cake, lets just say this was supposed to be a Gluten Free Pound Cake...which actually went into the garbage.  Back to the drawing board for Gluten Free Pound Cake, it is. 
Oh well, I revised my Lemon Poppy Seed Cake...actually I just omitted the Lemon Zest, Juice, and Poppy seeds.  Then added 2 tsp. Organic Almond Extract.  Although I wanted Pound Cake....I was happy with this, the Almond Extract was divine.

Normally, with Strawberries, I would slice and add 1-2 Tblsp. Fructose Sugar.  I decided to add a few drizzles of Agave Nectar instead.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it better than sugar.  I also added Agave to the whip cream...wonderful.  So in a pinch, revising the Lemon Poppy seed cake worked!   As for the Gluten Free Pound Cake...I will keep trying, it has to turn out good one of these times, right?  These babies are headed for the freezer to have in smoothies, or other yummy desserts.  Now I'm thinking what about Strawberry Rhubarb compote.....yum!

Ina Gawne
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June 21, 2010